Hi! And Sparky’s 5 month update

Can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my last post.  I’m not even sure how we made it through the last several months.  And it wasn’t Sparky being difficult, it was moving.   Sold our home, bought a new one and moved.  We moved into our new house a month ago and the office and garage still have boxes unpacked.   Love love our new place and it really is perfect for our little family and for Sparky.  Our old place had a long commute to work, had a tiered back yard, had a sloping driveway, not an open floor plan and not much really close to us, except a liquor store.  Our new place, although located in a warmer part of Cali has sooo much right near us and walking distance.  I smile every time I drive around our neighborhood.   And it has an open floor plan, no tiers.. no stairs.. no slopes.. all flat!!! Yipppi!!!  I can see dear Oli and Sparky playing in the back yard as I study and it’s great!

I’m more than half way through my master’s degree.  Graduate in May next year!  And then we’re on to TTC #2.

Dear Oli went back to work in July, after 3 months.  The day care is half a block from her work, so she could check up on him anytime and nurse him during lunch breaks.  It made the adjustment easier, until work got busy and now she doesn’t stop in as much.  Pumping at work has gotten more challenging as well, but Oli is trying to hold on. Not sure how long we’ll/she’ll last.

And now for the best update.. Sparky.

His four month check-up had him at 17 pounds and 26 inches tall.  Still a big little guy.

At around 4 months:

-Rolling from his back to his front, although his arm still gets stuck under him

-Grasping and holding things

-Stopped needing to bounce him ALL the time.. weeeeeeeeey!  I was nervous there for a while with all the rocking he needed.  At 4 months we held him for a little bit and then he would go down fairly easy

-Started little giggles, although not often

-Started mixing some organic formula in with breastmilk.  We were depleting our freezer of breast milk pretty quick.

At 5 months last week:

-He’s jumping and dancing like a big boy in his Rainforest jumper

-Holds his head up fine and sits in a highchair supported and watched like a hawk

-Rolls from his back to his tummy and back again, but his arms still get stuck under him..sometimes

-More giggles but still not often.  Smiles a ton.

-Recognizes us both and often looks and turns looking for Oli when he’s hungry

-Oli is pumping less at work.. I think she’s being worn down.  I’m hoping she can hang in until we introduce cereal at around 6 months.

-He went swimming for the second time and actually loved it.  He kicked and splashed and giggled.  Hoping he continues to be a water baby.

-He goes down for naps pretty easy and bed time with a pacifier; night time he occasionally sleeps through the night, mostly wakes up once and sometimes twice. Additionally, he’s obsessing over his pacifier.  -> Pacifier and nighttime sleeping is our area of focus as of late.  When to wean pacifiers and best way to help a baby sleep through the night?!

With that, I’m off to Du.bai for a week in October for one of my classes.  AND I really can’t wait, although it will be the first time spending a night away from Sparky.   I usually do bedtime routine, so Oli will have to hold down the fort with Sparky until I’m back.

One area that has become more difficult with me studying, both of us working full-time and caring for a baby is our dinners.  They used to be nicely made and prepped and it was date night every time. Now, I kid you not…I may just scarf down a piece of bread and through some salami on it and call it a meal.  We have an hour at home together before bed time, so food just isn’t the priority.  Perhaps when he can sit in a highchair more comfortably without us propping swaddles around him, and once he is ready to enjoy food with us it may change… hopefully!  And when can we have date night again?!  We’ve talked about it and think we may be ready to leave him for a few hours, but then we don’t REALLY want to leave him yet.  We clearly aren’t ready.  Maybe soon though.  My parents will visit us in December so definitely then.

5 months and I still can’t believe I have a son.  A son?!

Xo – pops

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Sparky’s name

I’ve noticed I’ve slipped a few times disclosing Sparky’s name in my posts.  It’s not a big deal.   Perhaps if I re-read my blogs before posting I wouldn’t have this issue.  Goes to say I often post and then edit later when I have time..otherwise I may never get to actually posting.  And why do I feel the need to explain this lol.

And since we’re talking about names.. My dear Oli has for the past week called me “bubba”. It’s her name for Sparky.. as in buddy, but for a baby I guess “bubba” is more fitting.  I’m no longer babes, we’re both now bubba. I smirk at her each time.  I liked being “babes”.  She always catches herself when she does it.  She does it EVERY time.  I figure when she’s back to work and not around Sparky every day, I may get my “babes” name back.  Until then “bubba” i shall be.

2 month check-up results

Sparky weighs 13 lbs 15 oz, length is 25 3/4 inches, head circumference is 16 1/2. His head circumference and weight are in the 90th percentile, his height is in the 97th percentile.  So not exactly the 99th i guessed, but still a big little man 🙂

I’m in love – 2 month update

I was about to celebrate Sparky’s 2 months at 8 weeks, before Oli informed me 8 weeks was not the 2 months celebration but rather several days later.  Ah ha makes sense.  I thought the day Sparky was born was the most love I had experienced since I fell in love with Oli.  But no, I fall in love each day harder and harder with Sparky.  My heart just wants to explode looking at dear Oli and Sparky.  Sparky has his two month check-up today.  We’ll find out what percentile he is in weight and height.  I’m pretty sure he’s 99.99 percentile.  TBD in a couple of hours.

It’s Oli’s birthday today.  This morning I kissed them bye while they both were sleeping.  I text Oli this morning reminding her to ask the doctor what percentile Sparky is at his appointment today.  And only then did I wish her a happy birthday.  We did celebrate over the weekend. But considering today is her actual birthday you would think I would have whispered “happy birthday” in the middle of the night.  I don’t feel great about it right now :/  Feeling rather Sh$ty about my wife skills. And Oli won’t hold it against me.. because she’s just that type of person. Ok let’s move on before I write a whole post about it.

New developments from Sparky:

-he smiles very much intentionally now.. when you make funny faces at him or he sees his Mamas…I’m in awe EVERY SINGLE TIME he does it

-he loves his mama’s paintings.. pretty much I threw some paint on canvas’s right after university since buying paintings wasn’t in the budget.  And well we’ve kept them, although dear Oli has wanted to stuff them in the garage during each move.  Well now we have one person in the family who loves them, so they’re staying. He’ll stare for a good 10 min at each.

-he slept 7 hours 3 days in a row!  REALLY.. I didn’t think this would be our luck so early.  Previously, he was been getting up every 3 hours.  We’ll see if it is a fluke or this will be our new normal. TBD

-he’s holding his head up quite a bit, although he still lets it drop when he’s had enough

-his legs are oh so so strong.  He practically stands for a good 5 seconds and will not budge until he’s ready to release his stance.  It makes breastfeeding, burping and bathing a little more challenging.  Trying to burp him when he’s in a sitting positon, which previously was so easy during the night, is a thing of the past.  Burping now requires me to physically get up so he’s feet can’t touch the bed.. otherwise he’ll stand

-omg how could I forget he coooooos.. sooo so much.  He mimics Oli.  She says “oooooooo” and he’ll repeat “ooooooo”.  I thought it was just a coincidence until I witnessed it this past weekend. I played a dreary rather depressing song from one of his toys.. not sure why it has such a sad sound to it, but his bottom lip turned down as though he want to cry and then he proceeded to howl like a wolf “ooooooooo”.  So fascinating. I kept playing it in awe and he nearly cried each time and oooooooo’d each time.  Oli was not as amused and said it was even making her sad.  So I stopped.

-he is now in size 2 diapers during the day and a size 3 at night to give him more room for the 7 hour stretch (hoping it continues)

-he continues to take a bottle just fine.. from the first time I tried at about a month.. it makes it so much easier for dear Oli to escape out of the house during the weekends

-he is growing out of his clothes so rapidly.  He’s in 3-6 and even 6-9 months clothes already!

-his one day of being put down without intervention was just that “one day”.  Although he’s falling asleep easier, with not as much rocking or swaying, he still needs something.  My arms are getting stronger by the day, but as he grows I won’t be able to do what I’m currently doing, which is standing, walking, rocking him in my arms.  I try rocking/swaying him while I’m sitting and he knows the difference!  He doesn’t like when I sit for his evening put down.  He’s fine for some day time naps.  But for the evening put down he wants me standing.  So bizarre. I’m just fascinated. I’m on the hunt for a rocking chair… maybe it’s my sitting-down rocking technique he’s not a fan of

And other updates:

-dear Oli was sick this past week and Sparky stayed strong.  I practically didn’t get near her in fear of catching her cold, but Sparky was up close and managed to stay healthy.  I was so nervous we would all get sick.  She’s now all better.. phew!

-LA pride was this past  weekend and I was so out of the loop I only found out this weekend while it was happening. Oli and I would typically be part of the weekend pride events and watch the parade and attend the day-time parties.  Now we just watch from afar on our Insta.gram feed J

For the rest of the day I’ll be checking my phone anxiously waiting for Sparky pics/videos from Oli.. and word on his 2 month checkup.

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macho macho man – 7 week update

I think it’ll be a big week in development for Sparky.  He became a different baby over the weekend and then again yesterday.  He’s been smiling, but I really felt the legitimacy of his smiles this weekend.  He is so alert and stares at you when you speak to him.   This weekend he started to hit at things.. but not sure if this is intentional or coincidence.. Oli thinks intentional, im a little more skeptical.  Yesterday he started putting his fingers in his mouth and found his thumb several times.  I watched in awe, mostly through video recordings from Oli and one time at home in the evening.  He’s growing and developing right in front of our eyes.  It’s fascinating!  Prior to yesterday, we would have to rock him, stroller him, Ergo carrier him or something prior to getting him to sleep and often he’d fight his sleep, even though he was exhausted.  We would always use a few or all of the “happiest baby on the block” techniques of shushing, swaddling, swinging, sucking and on his side. Yesterday for the first time he fell asleep on his activity mat, without any intervention. Later he passed out in his pack n play and at night right after feeding he was out and ready to be put down, which hasn’t happened since he was just a few days old.  I don’t want to jinx it, but it felt pretty darn amazing and something we could get used to.  But then again he’s growing so fast and I want it to SLOW DOWN. He’s already wearing 3 months or even some 3-6 months clothes.  Newborn clothes was very short lived. Going back to work on Monday’s is getting a lot harder now that he knows I exist and we’re bonding more, as he’s doing more than sleep and feed.  Dear Oli already knows to send lots of pics and videos during the day, especially on Mondays and I’m so thankful she does.

I still can’t believe we have a son!! I’m becoming more and more like a mama too.  Yesterday, I went to lunch with co-workers and the young 20 year old was driving.  He was driving aggressive and all I could think of was Greyson and wanting to be safe.  Finally I told him “dude calm down, I have a son at home”.  Initially he laughed and then proceeded to say “ yes mom” and then slowed down.  Yep, I have indeed crossed over to being a “mom”. It’s official.

My studies and assignments for grad school are taking a lot longer these days, because I take 100s of breaks for Sparky.  When he’s in a good mood and awake I want to be engaged with him.  I want him to be in my eye sight when he sleeps, which has me staring at him and Oli has to refocus my attention to my studies.  I’ve never needed much nudging to get my assignments or studying complete, but lately it’s been a little more difficult.  I think often about how I would not be in grad school had I not miscarried last year.  One moment, one disruption, one heartbreak can change your world forever.  I would be different, I would not have Sparky, I probably wouldn’t have a new job or be moving to a new home.

My two month update next week should be fun.. I’m pulling out more of the development toys from our packed boxes and we’re preparing ourselves to see him grow!

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beanie versus socks – 6 weeks old

I love the weekends.  I get to spend more time with Sparky and dear Oli.  Selfishly most of the time I only want to be with them and no one else, but we have friends and family and Sparky is in high demand.  We have plans every weekend for the next five weeks with people who love our little man and I’m sure they love us too ;p

Little man is growing so fast.  I had to cut the feet off his PJs so he has PJs to wear.  It seemed silly to have so many go to waste.  Nothing a little hemming can’t fix.. that is when I get around to busting out the sewing machine I received for my undergrad graduation like over 10 years ago.  My plan was to start being handy with the sewing machine after grad school, but i may just have to squeeze “learn how to sew” onto the agenda much sooner to accommodate our growing little big boy.

I know we live in LA and wearing beanies may seem odd … but I stocked up on little beanies for Sparky before he was born and you bet he’s going to wear them.  Dear Oli and I are in a “socks, no beanie” versus “beanie, no socks” battle.  We take turns winning, but she wins more frequently since she thinks the beanie gets in the way of her breast feeding.  She may have a point.

Cheers to the weekend!

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Mama and Mami – we’re just different – 6 weeks old

Dear Oli is doing a wonderful job mothering Sparky.  Her maternity is up mid-July and that’s when things will shake up a little, as we start yet a new routine and I’ll have to step up and do more night shifts rather than my “one” right now.  Oli has started a nice milk reserve in the freezer and one bottle daily in the fridge for my night shift.  I do the mid-night shift, which gives Oli a solid 4 hours sleep and then I get the remaining 6 hours of sleep before work.  And by solid, I mean not having to get out of bed to feed, burp, change, feed and burp him again.  Oli does all other feedings and it melts my heart to see their bond.  We both sleep with one eye open.. paranoid new parents, waking up to every sound.  Last night I found myself staring at him as he slept, taking away my sleep but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Dear wife and I have only been parents for six weeks, but we’re already mothering very differently.  I put a beanie on him and take him outside, letting the cold air blow against his face.. he smiles. He likes it.  Dear Oli thinks it’s too cold and he should be inside.  I’ll layer cute clothes on him.  Oli thinks he’s too hot.  I grab dear Sparky and lift him above my head to play or I’ll throw dear Sparky over my shoulder as I burp him.  Dear Oli thinks I’m too rough.  I let Sparky sleep on my chest as I study.  Oli thinks I should put him down so I can focus on studying and so Sparky can get used to napping on his own.  I use oil on his butt, Oli uses butt paste.  I put a scarf on him.  Oli takes it off.  You get the idea.  We are just different.  We have different thoughts and opinions and ways of mothering Sparky.  It’s easy now, because we can laugh knowing it’s all trivial.  But as he develops and grows into a toddler it won’t all be so trivial and we’ll need to come together to parent and be on the same page.  Or maybe our differences will be for the best.  I can already see Oli being the over protective parent.  With her calm demeanor and me a little more high-strung, I would have guessed it to be me.  Perhaps it’s the breast feeding bond which makes her more attached and worry more.  Maybe I’m the “fun” other parent because I’m the one at work all day.  Not quite sure, but I’m happy we communicate well or should I say Oli is great at getting us to communicate.

And non-baby related, we are closing on the sale of our house in a couple of weeks.  Yay!  We had a first buyer which dropped out and we are on the second, so hoping it does indeed close.  Our offer on a new place was just accepted last week, so the inspections and appraisal and escrow process begins.  I will save about 15-20 min on my commute to work and so will Oli.  It frustrates me every day after work when LA traffic lies between me and getting home in time to see Sparky’s big eyes before bed time.

Memorial weekend was different than other holiday weekends, typically spent at BBQs or pool side, with friends, loud music and drinks in hand.  This past long weekend was quiet.  My little fam bam and studying.  Oli ran out to do grocery shopping and I let Sparky sleep on my lap as I plugged away at an assignment for class. I’m again so thankful for the timing of when grad school is over and when this little munchkin will be mobile.  He’ll be just past his first birthday when I graduate.  I’ll have my freedom back, just in time to chase after him before he climbs the coffee table or pulls all the books off the shelf.  Ha! Granted I may have some months of overlap with him being on the go and me still having classes, but at least it’ll be my last semester.

Can’t wait to see what this little guy will look like, what he’ll sound like, what his personality will be like.. but at six weeks he’s already grown so much and I want time to slow down .. just a little.

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